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The Herb Atomizer makes the DUO the only E-Rig on the market that has separate and dedicated heating systems for both concentrates and flower which is essential due to the different temperature and heating method required to optimally vaporize each material.


The herb atomizer is embedded with a high quality thermocouple which detects the exact temperature of the air flowing through the chamber and maintains a stable temperature throughout your session. The atomizer also features a large heat exchanger which ensures consistent and even convection heating thus preserving the flower and essential sub compounds that are otherwise destroyed during combustion (smoking).

Just In Case You Were Wondering

YES in order to use the Herb Atomizer with your DUO a software update is required. The update can be found here. Once completed, your DUO will have dual functionality and you can seamlessly switch between the concentrate & herb atomizer.

The selectable temperature range is from 300F-400F and can be adjusted effortlessly without the need of an app. Intelligent and precise temperature control allows for optimum vaporization of flower thus preserving the actual material and essential sub compounds from the flower that are otherwise destroyed during combustion

You can use the Herb Atomizer with the Stock Mouthpiece or the Herb Mouthpiece which allows for more air and water volume. It's recommended to have a seperate mouthpiece for your herb & concentrate atomizer to avoid flavors mixing.

Due to the efficiency of the Herb Atomizer, cleaning is rarely required. After each session, simply remove the mouthpiece from the base and using a tool dump out the vaporized flower. You may use a q-tip dipped lightly in Isopropyl and gently swab the inside of the chamber.

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