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Precise and intelligent heating system. Minimal temperature fluctuations and an accurate temperature reading of the bowl not heating element like most E-Rigs


Long lasting battery life with minimal temperature fluctuation and avoid constant atomizer failure


Adjustable and vibrant LEDs that can be customized to fit your mood and match your glass.


Lightning fast. Start and finish a session in no time. Customize each session to your ideal temperature and session duration with the touch of a button. No app or phone required


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Removable airway path for easy reclaim collection & cleaning. Avoid sticky components and residue buildup


Durable, reliable, composed of medical grade materials and American electrical components & microprocessor

Just In Case You Were Wondering

Compatibility can vary since glass is hand blown and there will be slight variances in size due to human touch. So for that reason we cannot guarantee compatibility for every mouthpiece. Before ordering a mouthpiece from another brand, ensure you're able to either test fit with the DUO or that the retailer you're purchasing from allows returns for unused products. Most Puffco Peak & Puffco Peak Pro mouthpieces fit with our DUO Puffco Mouthpiece Adapter but as always test fit first.

The DUO has an industry leading warranty of 3 years on the base, a 3 month warranty on the concentrate atomizer and a 1 year warranty on the herb atomizer. Parts and accessories including bowls, glass, mouthpieces and assembly parts are not covered under warranty.

On a full charge the DUO can run anywhere from 30-40 heat cycles. Assuming it takes 2 heat cycles to complete a normal session, the Duo can complete 15-20 sessions before it requires a charge. Personal selections such as lights, temperature and having hit extension on/off can either increase or decrease the total amount of sessions. The DUO has a pass through charging features which allows it to be used while charging.

The selectable temperature range with the concentrate atomizer is from 350F-600F and 300F-400F for flower. The temperature can be adjusted effortlessly without the need of a phone or app. The intelligent and precise temperature control allows for optimum vaporization of flower, herb, CBD and all types of concentrates no matter the consistency.

To utilize your DUO for herb you will need the DUO Herb Atomizer. All DUOs have built in functionality for the herb atomizer so purchasing a new unit will not be required. In order to use the Herb Atomizer with your DUO a software update is required. The update can be found HERE. Once completed, your DUO will have dual functionality and you can seamlessly switch between the concentrate & herb atomizer.

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