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HIGH5 V2 Manual Rosin Press

In stock

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As low as $175.00 Regular Price $350.00

Features include: 

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • 2000lbs of Pressure
  • 25" Handle Length
  • Stainless Steel Plates
  • Stainless Steel Cartridge Heaters 
  • Dimensions of Press: 11" x 6" x 16"
  • Temperature Range with Plates: 0-500F 
  • Temperature Range with Coils: 0-999F
  • Doubles as an Enail (Only with HIGH5 Enail Coils)
  • Heat Treated for Heavy Usage & Prevent Morphing of Press Body
  • Dual Heated Stainless Steel Plates Controlled By One Temperature Controller 
  • All other HIGH5 Plate Sizes & Shapes are Compatible with Press Without any Modifications
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HIGH5 V2 Manual Rosin Press
HIGH5 V2 Manual Rosin Press

In stock




    IF ORDERING FROM HAWAII OR ALASKA PLEASE EMAIL US FIRST SHIPPING IS $75.00!!!  Do you want to start easily and safely producing cleaner product? Tired of using hair straighteners, clamps and other low tech/hard to use devices? Don't want to pay for manual setups that are $500+ that don't even include everything? Look no further HIGH5's Manual Press is not only affordable, durable and reliable but it's also extremely easy to use just plug in and press. No additional parts needed! Not only does our unit pay for itself but it is specifically designed for producing Rosin unlike many other presses currently being pushed by other companies. Our press also doubles as an Enail with HIGH5 enail coils. The V2 press includes a set of Stainless Steel plates in your choice of 3 different sizes either square/rectangular or circular shaped. The plates are heated by Stainless Steel cartridge heaters which heat the plates much more evenly and better compared to flat coils, they can also be inserted and removed from the plates very easily and lock into each plate with locking screws. The body of the press and other major components have all been heat treated to ensure durability and endure heavy usage, if you mount the press ensure that you mount both sides, do not only mount one side! The unit will heat and remain hot while usage, this includes the base of the unit. Make sure you are using the press on a surface that can withstand heat such as metal or granite. Never put your full body weight or use the weight of a friend to add additonal pressure. When using the unit only use the handle that is included, using another handle or cheater bar may damage the unit. For safety the unit has a separate ON/OFF button for both the temperature controller and coil/cartridge heater ports, once the coil/cartridge heater ports are turned on the unit only takes a few minutes to heat up to the set temperature.
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    Press Type Manual
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