Keeping Your Duo Clean

Clean dab rigs offer better tasting hits and reduce wasted material. Whether you’re using the dab or herb atomizer for your High Five Duo, make sure to clean it regularly to get the best performance. It’s easier than you might think to keep your Duo clean with the help of cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

Wipe After Every Session

There’s no need to deep clean after every use or even every week. However, you should use a wet cotton swab to gently wipe the bowl after each session to remove any residue. Wipe while the device is warm but no longer hot to remove residues before they harden.

Give Stronger Residues a Soak

Even constant wiping won’t completely stop residues from building up in the glass parts of the Duo. All of the glass and quartz components are easily removed for soaking in isopropyl alcohol. 95% alcohol is best because it removes the residue the fastest without damaging the material, but 70% and even 50% will also work more slowly. Try placing the glass and quartz parts in a plastic food storage container or a zip bag and soaking them in the alcohol. Light residues will dissolve within a few hours, while stuck-on residues can take multiple days. Since the Duo doesn’t get hot enough to burn concentrates or herbs, there shouldn’t be any soot issues to clean up. Agitating the pieces gently in the alcohol will help remove the residues faster. Make sure to keep the container covered so the alcohol doesn’t evaporate. This technique also works on stainless steel parts like the atomizer, but avoid adding any salt when metal pieces are being cleaned.

Bring Out the Salt

Salt won’t dissolve in alcohol, especially 70% and above concentrations. Try adding some coarse or kosher salt to the glass pieces only to create an abrasive effect. Sprinkle the salt inside of bowls or tubes and shake the liquid back and forth to move the particles over the surface. Salt can eventually slightly etch the surface of glass and quartz to give it a more frosted effect, but you’re unlikely to notice a difference if you only occasionally use salt for deep cleaning once every few months.

Don’t be afraid to clean your e-rig regularly, especially the Duo. You’ll notice a major improvement in flavor and won’t have to struggle to clean heavy layers of hardened residues. Find tools for cleaning and storing reclaim removed from the device here at High Five Vapes to go with your favorite dual-purpose vaporizer e-rig.


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