Herb Atomizer

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The herb atomizer is a one of a kind dedicated heating system that enables you to truly vaporize flower with your DUO E-Rig. The only E-Rig herb atomizer on the market that truly utilizes convection heating technology to precisely and efficiently heat your flower. The High Five herb atomizer is designed specifically for flower unlike other branded herb atomizers which are simply a slightly altered concentrate atomizer. Due to the different temperature and heating methods required to optimally vaporize concentrates vs flower, having separate and dedicated heating systems for both is vital to truly experience both to the fullest. The High Five herb atomizer's innovative convection technology preserves the essence of the flower and essential sub compounds that are otherwise destroyed during combustion/smoking.


1. Use the black silicone sleeve (the same one used for the airbox) and put it around your Herb Atomizer before inserting it into the base. Install the Herb Atomizer into your DUO using the black heat resistant screws. Ensure not to overtighten the screws.

2. Grind your flower and load it into the rectangular loading chamber. Ensure to load the chamber as full as possible. Using a tool push the flower down to compact it.

3. Place the lid on top of the atomizer from back to front and ensure the lid is completely pushed down on all sides.

4. Set your desired temperature, we recommend 400F to start. Initiate a heat cycle and inhale slowly once "At Temp" is shown on the display. 

5. Once your session is done, remove the mouthpiece from the base and using a tool dump out the vaporized flower.

6. You may clean the inside of the chamber with a q-tip dipped lightly in isopropyl.



Selectable Temperature Range 300°F-400°F

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