Why an E-Nail Rig Is Beneficial for Dabbing

Unless you’re very new to dabbing, you’re already familiar with an e-nail rig. It’s a nice little invention that plugs into a wall outlet to heat your bowl to an even temperature. Better still, it stays at that same temperature the whole time you’re using it, so no fluctuations in taste. An e-nail is a highly beneficial innovation to the hobby of dabbing, and if you’ve been thinking of buying one, here’s what you should know. 

1. An E-Nail Gives You Total Temperature Control

When you plug your controller box into an outlet, it takes mere minutes to reach the desired temperature. Once hot, it maintains its temperature until you turn it off. That’s a beneficial choice over the old butane torch for one obvious reason: Once you find the optimal temperature setting, you’ll have a smooth, enjoyable dabbing experience every time. No overheating your cannabis concentrate until it tastes like melted plastic, and no under-heating it to where you have to struggle to produce vapor. Using an e-nail rig is preferential because it gives you a constant, steady temperature that lasts as long as you and your friends are interested in dabbing. 

2. E-Nail Rigs Are a Beneficial Choice Over Butane

There are many arguments for shelving your use of butane gas to heat your concentrate. Butane is an unnecessary expense, and it’s not a sustainable choice. So if you’re concerned about the planet on which we live, a butane torch is not the way to go. Butane may also produce trace amounts of carbon monoxide when used in an enclosed space. Lastly, it’s a highly flammable gas that comes with the risk of fire. 

Note: E-nail rigs can also cause fires, but only if used inappropriately or turned on and neglected. Still, they don’t emit any harmful gases into the surrounding air (or your lungs). 

3. What You Should Know About your E-Nail Rig

While an e-nail will give you a smooth, enjoyable dabbing experience without the use of potentially harmful gases, there are a few factors to keep in mind when using one. Topping the list is how hot the rig may become. E-nails rigs can reach temperatures of hundreds of degrees, which could cause some seriously painful burns. And most stay on until you turn them off, so it’s definitely necessary to use them responsibly. Also, the rig itself is hot to the touch. This means if it comes into contact with curtains or couch cushions, it could start a fire. 

Less important than safety is the fact that the “e” in e-nail stands for electronic. Therefore, a source of electricity is needed to power it. So you can’t really pack your e-nail rig for a camp out or a rooftop dabbing session, unless there’s an outlet nearby. 

Still, most people who enjoy dabbing will find an e-nail quite beneficial over a torch, simply because of how easy it is to use and maintain and because it gives you a reliable result every time. You’ll waste less cannabis concentrate, and you’ll have no need to stock up on butane. It’s a win-win regardless of how you look at it. 

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