DUO Program Update (MAC)


1. Read these instructions before downloading the installer or plugging in your Duo!

2. Must use a computer or laptop with a MAC 10/11 operating system. Confirm you have MAC 10/11 by clicking settings and search "About". Look at the edition section.

3. Remove the atomizer from your DUO, this must be done before downloading the installer. Watch this video to view how to properly remove your atomizer.

4. Download the installer & code using the links below.



5. Unplug all unnecessary USB devices from your computer other than mouse & keyboard. Using a USB A port directly on your computer (do not use a USB hub or dongle) plug in the Duo with the included USB A to USB C cable. If your computer/laptop only has USB C ports, turn on the Duo with 5 clicks before plugging in. The Duo may not charge but it will still connect to computer and the update tool. Open and run the installer by clicking on it. Turn OFF your WIFI/internet connection. Click Download Latest and wait a few seconds. Click Choose Update File when the button appears and select the "High Five Duo B9.bin file".

6. Follow the instructions shown on the installer exactly as shown. Once the update is complete. Turn off the Duo by holding the down arrow for 2 seconds. Check to ensure the new code is installed on on your Duo by holding the up arrow while simultaneously pressing the square button 5 times. You should see "+09t220930" which confirms the new code has been installed.



1. Use the Black Silicone Sleeve (the same one used for the Concentrate Airbox) and put it around your Herb Atomizer before inserting it into the base. Install the Herb Atomizer into your DUO using the black heat resistant screws. Ensure not to overtighten the screws.

2. Grind your flower and load it into the rectangular loading chamber. Ensure to fill the chamber as full as possible. Using a tool push the flower down to compact it.

3. Place the lid on top of the atomizer from back to front and ensure the lid is completely pushed down on all sides.

4. Set your desired temperature, we recommend 400F to start. Initiate a heat cycle and inhale slowly once "At Temp" is shown on the display. 

5. Once your session is done, remove the mouthpiece from the base and using a tool dump out the vaporized flower.