#1 Handheld Vape for On-The-Go!

Enjoying cannabis or CBD on the go has traditionally been a tricky task. With today’s high-quality electronic vaporizer devices more portable than ever before, now it’s easy to take your favorites to the mountain top or lake. 


The DUO is an E-rig that also serves as a herbal vaporizer with a separate atomizer. This means it’s one of the only products on the market to serve as both an E-nail for concentrates and a standard vaporizer for dry herbal material. With the DUO by your side, you can enjoy cannabis products of all kinds everywhere you go. An LED display makes adjusting the temperature a snap, ensuring the maximum flavors and compounds are produced no matter the material. While most E-rigs are wired and require extensive power, this wireless model has a battery capable of keeping you going in remote locations. As with the other two vaporizers available from us here at High Five Vape, the DUO only uses medical-grade materials everywhere the vapor travels.


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