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3 Handheld Vapes for On-The-Go!

3 Handheld Vapes for On-The-Go! - High Five

Enjoying cannabis or CBD on the go has traditionally been a tricky task. With today’s high-quality electronic vaporizer devices more portable than ever before, now it’s easy to take your favorites to the mountain top or lake. These three devices represent the best vaporizer and E-rig products available here at High Five Vape.

The Elevate

For a simplified experience of vaporizing concentrates on the move, try the Elevate vaporizer. This electronic dabbing device works with many types of oils, extracts, and concentrates of both CBD and THC. Four heat settings make this pocket-sized vaporizer far more advanced and adjustable than your average vaporizing pen. With a fast charging speed coupled with a long battery life, the Elevate makes it easy to enjoy concentrates all day long without stopping to recharge often. If you prefer using oils, this unit works with standard 510 oil cartridges as well. All medical-grade materials are used in the vapor path of this device, keeping it free from heavy metals that could affect your health in the long run.

The HiQ

Finding desktop vaporizers for dry herbal material is a cinch, but what about portable units? Many portable herb vaporizers burn the material or produce inconsistent heating that minimally releases THC and other compounds. For both CBD hemp and cannabis flowers alike, the HiQ is the perfect choice for portable vaporizing. Multiple preset temperature settings allow you to adjust the exact level of heat for different plant materials. An extra large ceramic chamber ensures there’s no need to constantly empty and refill it during the same vaporizing session. Not only is the vapor path isolated from the heating coils to help cool the air, it’s also made with medical-grade components for your safety.


The DUO is an E-rig that also serves as a herbal vaporizer with a separate atomizer. This means it’s one of the only products on the market to serve as both an E-nail for concentrates and a standard vaporizer for dry herbal material. With the DUO by your side, you can enjoy cannabis products of all kinds everywhere you go. An LED display makes adjusting the temperature a snap, ensuring the maximum flavors and compounds are produced no matter the material. While most E-rigs are wired and require extensive power, this wireless model has a battery capable of keeping you going in remote locations. As with the other two vaporizers available from us here at High Five Vape, the DUO only uses medical-grade materials everywhere the vapor travels.

Which of these three vaporizers is right for you? It depends on what CBD or cannabis materials you plan to use. A Delta-8 extract oil will work best in a different device than a dry cannabis flower, unless of course you invest in the DUO with its optional dry herb atomizer. There’s an electronic vaporizer for everyone here at High Five Vape and they’re all built with your safety and ease of use in mind.

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