4 Must-Have Accessories for Your Dab Kit

So you've committed to an awesome dab kit, so you know the good times are gonna roll like clouds. Many people who use dabs find that they quickly become their favorite method of partaking in cannabis, so upgrading the experience is a worthwhile endeavor. Whether you're a seasoned concentrate pro or a newcomer, dab accessories are a ton of fun and can dramatically improve your experience.

Let's take a look at the must-have accessories for your dab kit.


For many people, their first experience with a dab might involve a blowtorch and some strange looks. It can be daunting to heat the elements up enough to use your concentrate, but an e-nail provides a different experience. By using the same quartz or ceramic bowls and electronic heating elements, an e-nail prevents the need for messing with a torch. In addition to simply being easier to use, e-nails always heat up to the optimal temperature, which you can actively control.

This perfectly consistent temperature gives you repeatable, pleasant results every time. Plus, they look cleaner and operate more easily than mucking about with a torch.

Dab pads

If you've used concentrates in the past, you know the super-heated material can, unfortunately, wind up where you don't want it. This can also damage the surfaces it interacts with. Additionally, if you drop some concentrate before it's heated, it's extremely difficult to remove from whatever surface upon which it lands. The dab pad both cushions your rig and prevents the sticky residue or concentrate from landing on your tables.

High-quality concentrates

You already know concentrates provide a better, more potent experience, but did you know that there are even better concentrates out there? If you've never tried the various butters, shatters, and live resins that are available to use with your dab rig, you're setting your bar too low. Each of these concentrates brings a different experience, from the quality of the material itself to the terpenes that affect the flavor.

You really should explore high-quality concentrates to truly find the best way to use your dab kit.


These rigs get rid of the fire altogether, and provide a more compact method of using concentrates. E-rigs utilize electricity to provide heat in a consistent, even manner that gives you a quality experience every time. The Duo offers one of the best e-rigs on the market; compact, efficient, and made without harsh glues, dyes, paints, plastics, or chemicals. The result is a device that elevates your dabbing experience.

Whether you're looking at Duo e-rigs, or you're just curious about these or other dab kit accessories, High Five Vape has the experience and the selection for you. If you're just starting out with concentrates, let us help you find exactly what will suit your needs. Contact us today to see what we're selling, or to get more information on any part of the cannabis lifestyle - we're glad to help.


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