What to look for in an E-Nail

Dabs of concentrates are one of the most enjoyable cannabis experiences you can have. The potency, flavor, and sensation are really second-to-none, but a traditional rig can be frustrating. They're less than portable, require some setup, and you need, well, a torch to use them.

E-nails give you the cannabis concentrates experience without all the hassle you might expect from a normal dab rig. They can be portable, powerful, and produce consistent heat every time. If you've never considered an e-nail before, or if you're wanting to upgrade, let us show you everything you need to know.

What is an e-nail?

E-nails are electronic concentrate vaporizers. Basically, some e-nails function in place of the nail on your rig, and some are self-contained units, like dry herb vaporizers. When used as a part of a desktop rig, they omit the need for butane as a heat source. This is attractive because not only do you no longer need to use a torch, but electronic nails always heat to a consistent temperature.

By heating reliably, you get the exact dabbing experience you want each time. It also preserves more flavor from the terpenes, which is highly desirable. Self-contained units allow you to use concentrates without a full desktop rig, which is definitely going to come in handy at times.

What to look for in an e-nail

With so many types of devices, there are some variables that stand out among products.

Digital temperature control

The better your temperature control unit, the more accurate the burn will be on your concentrate. Not only will a consistent temperature provide a better experience in general, if you love the flavor of your concentrates, having more control is critical.

Quality construction

E-nails are not cheap, because you're buying a sophisticated piece of equipment. Still, there are products out there that are made with shoddy materials. When you're investing in an electronic nail for dabbing, look for:

  • No plastics
  • No dyes or paints
  • No glue

You want a clean, reliable experience and if it means paying a bit more for better construction, it's completely worth it. You don't want to be inhaling dye, glue, paint, or plastic along with your concentrates.

Longer cables

Unless you have a fully portable unit, your e-nail needs electricity and many have woefully short cables. Look for a model with a longer cable or opt for an extension cable when you buy everything else. Trust us; you'll be happy you did later.

Using an e-nail

Using an e-nail is extremely easy, especially because there's no super-heated flame to deal with. Simply set your temperature control to the desired setting and allow it to heat up. Add your dabs and work as you would normally, savoring all the flavor and complexities that accurate temperature control offers.

We recommend a dab mat to catch any wandering concentrate as well - you can never be too careful!

It's time you tried an e-nail

If you love concentrates but you hate breaking out the butane, an e-nail is probably for you. Great control over temperature and with the option of a fully portable unit, electronic nails are simply better for some people.

Some considerations are that for a new dabber, it's best to start with butane. It will better teach you about how to accurately get the temperatures you want. Additionally, e-nails get VERY hot and can be dangerous. Never leave one unattended, and never get them wet. In fact, unless you're using a fully portable, self-contained unit, don't use them outside at all.

Ultimately, an e-nail is a great addition to a dabber's tools, as long as you use it correctly and invest wisely. Don't buy a cheap model simply because it's lower in price; you'll end up paying more in the long run, and you might expose yourself to toxic chemicals along the way.

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