Best Portable Vapes for Flower Smokers

Concentrates are a lot of fun, and they can be incredible, but flower has a special place in many people's hearts. If you prefer flower to other methods of partaking in cannabis, there's a whole world waiting for you in the vaporizer market. There's nothing wrong with a bowl or a hitter, but electronic vaporizers offer a different experience and it's always fun to change up your routine.

Vaporizers provide consistent heating that stops short of burning the herb, resulting in a mellow hit and of course, no smoke.

What to look for in a vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers are designed with flower smokers in mind. While there are many types of these devices available, they vary in portability, efficiency, and a handful of other variables that may or may not matter to you. An ideal dry herb vape will:

  • Be portable
  • Heat up quickly
  • Display the temp it's currently at, giving you an accurate smoke each time
  • Be safe - no plastics, glues, dyes, or other chemicals
  • Charge fast and stay charged for a long time

You also want your cannabis vaporizer to be durable - opt for something crafted from metal. Finally, look for something that's easy to take apart and clean when necessary.

HiQ2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

One of the best dry herb vapes available today is the HiQ2, a compact but powerful device that delivers great results. The temp settings aren't customizable, but it has 4 presets, ensuring your herb is heated to perfection, exactly where you want it, every time. It's made of aerospace-grade aluminum with a ceramic chamber, making it light and durable, and it's crafted without plastics, wicks, glue, dyes, or paint.

The HiQ2 charges quickly and has a long battery life, ensuring you won't be stranded without your vape for long stretches. Its modular design means you can take it apart to clean it easily and quickly and you won't be scratching your head to figure out where everything goes, and the flower-guard mouthpiece keeps your herb where it belongs.

Ultra-compact at only 12cm, sleek and efficient, the HiQ2 is a standout among dry herb vapes that reliably provides a quality smoke.

Change up your routine with a dry herb vape

Bowls and hitters are fantastic but sometimes you want something less harsh than actual smoke. If you've never tried a vaporizer before, the HiQ2 is a great place to start. It offers easy-to-use controls with a high-quality experience that will keep you going back for more.

Likewise, if you're an experienced vaper but want to try something new, you'll find the HiQ2 is quite possibly the best weed vaporizer available. Check it out and an array of other fantastic devices over at High Five. Vape today.

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