Can Weed Make Meditating Easier?

Meditation is just one of many mindfulness practices that has received a resurgence in attention over the last few years. As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana, there is also a growth in interest in combining it with meditation. While there are extensive studies on both the benefits of meditation and the effects of marijuana, there has been no scientific study measuring the effects of THC on meditation. Aside from experimenting yourself with marijuana and meditation, looking at studies on the relaxation effects of both separately can give you an idea of what to expect.

Studies on Marijuana for Relaxation

It’s primarily marijuana’s relaxing effects that could make it a valuable addition to your meditation practice. Meditation requires reaching a certain trance state in your mind that requires disabling both the task-focused and default states of your mind. The well-known mind-altering effects of marijuana may help with reaching this in-between state that doesn’t activate specific networks of the mind. One study on THC and its effects on functional connectivity hints at a suppression effect in the salience network that could definitely be potentially helpful for meditation purposes.

Studies on Meditation

So why meditate at all instead of just enjoying a bowl or two? On its own, meditation has a wider body of scientific evidence behind it for anxiety and depression relief than marijuana. By combining mindfulness techniques with your vaping sessions, you may find that you no longer experience certain negative side effects like paranoia or feelings of anxiety. Studies on meditation tend to involve patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and similar mental illnesses, but anyone can benefit from a routine meditation practice. There’s no need to wait for long-term studies into the combination of THC and mindfulness to experiment with it on your own.

Getting the Ideal Effects from THC for Meditation

You’ll want to start slow and with low doses of THC in order to get the most from your meditation attempts. Getting too toasted with a high dose will only make it hard to focus on the mindfulness method you choose. Use a highly controllable vaping device like an E-nail with digital temperature control to ensure you’re getting the best possible combination of terpenes. Many of the more delicate terpenes don’t just provide the best flavor, they also add important mood-lifting and calming effects that are helpful during meditation sessions.

CBD is also worth experimenting with for its calming effects. Get the supplies you need for an advanced meditation practice here at HIGH FIVE Vape.

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