The Best E-Rig Warranty

Buying a high-quality piece of vaporizing equipment is an investment. We here at High Five aim to make you feel more secure about investing in an E-Nail or other rig from our shop with a warranty to protect your purchase. As long as you take care of your equipment and follow the warranty terms, we’ll replace E-Nail controls, coils, and power cords for 1 full year. This ensures that any unexpected failure of the equipment due to materials or craftsmanship won’t leave you without the E-Nail you need. Find out the details of our warranty protection and process to discover how we protect our customers.

Damage Upon Arrival

Our glass, titanium, silicone, quartz, and other accessories and rigs can’t be warrantied after use. Check them over carefully when they first arrive. If you notice any damage, contact us at BEFORE using the item. Include a photo of the damage to the item and the order #. We aim to refund or replace all damaged items reported within 24 hours of you receiving the package, but we can only do that if the item is unused. Consider purchasing a 1 year warranty upgrade during check out if it’s available to protect your glass and quartz items in particular.

1 Year Warranty on E-Nail Parts

Controllers, coils, and power cords for our E-Nail systems are all covered by a full 1 year warranty on parts and craftsmanship. E-Nail controllers can be upgraded to a Lifetime Warranty for an extra charge during checkout. Coils can be upgraded to a 2 year warranty instead. Remember that these warranties only cover unavoidable failure inside the product due to issues with its manufacturing or design. Exempted forms of damage include:

  • Accidents that result in physical or electrical damage
  • Opening or modifying the encasing/housing of the E-Nail
  • Removing or burning the sheath of the coil to expose the wiring
  • Using the wrong kinds of concentrates or oils in the device
  • Exposing the coil head or controller unit to moisture or liquids
  • Modifying the coil to fit a nail, bend the rod, or enlarge the head
  • Using coils and power cords not from HIGH5 with the controller (Unless using the correct universal adapter, which you must have proof of)
  • Burning the coil by operating it at temperatures above 1000 degrees F for long periods.

When you notice damage or find your E-Nail just won’t switch on one day, check your records for your purchase history. You can visit our website to start the warranty claim process. We need a receipt from the reseller that sold you the device or an order number from our website to process the claim. We may also need proof of the damage or condition of the E-Nail equipment. You can find more information on the specific warranty terms for each individual item we sell by reading the sales page for it.

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