Double Helix Carb Cap

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The Double Helix Carb Cap is composed of high quality borosilicate glass. When using this directional spinner carb cap your terp pearls will automatically spin when inhaling into your dab rig. The spinning pearls help to stabilize the temperature and spread out the material for a more consistent dab. This carb cap is compatible with 25mm & 30mm torch quartz bangers, quartz e-bangers and auto spinner e-bangers, it is not compatible with Universal Titanium Nails, Universal Hybrid Nails or Terp E-Slurper Bangers.
  • Fits 25mm & 30mm E-Bangers
  • Compatible w/Auto Spinner E-Bangers
  • Automatically Spins Pearls While Inhaling
  • Composed of High Quality Borosilicate Glass