Lifetime Warranty

Sale price$65

Upgrade to a lifetime warranty which covers the controller/control unit from any type of failure from normal usage. The lifetime warranty does not cover the coil, any type of glass, quartz or accessories, normal wear and tear, theft, damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse.

All High Five E-Nails come standard with a 2 year warranty on the controller and a 1 year standard warranty on the coil. The lifetime warranty covers normal usage against failure of the electronics or craftsmanship, it does not cover any forms of accidental damage, theft, misuse or neglect including: 

  • Any forms of physical damage
  • Opening the E-nail housing/encasing
  • Exposing the coil head to liquids/gels/moisture
  • Burning the coil sheath exposing the internal wiring Exposing the unit or its electrical components to any liquids/ gels/moisture
  • Modifying the coil in anyway, such as bending the rod or enlarging the coil head
  • Using coils or power cords not from High Five
  • Manually enlarging the coil to fit a nail, resulting in noticeable spacing between the coil wraps
  • Using the coil at temperatures above +1000°F for a prolonged period of time, resulting in a noticeable burnt/black appearance