Blender E-Banger

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Get the most out of your concentrates with the High Five Quartz Blender E-Banger. The functionality of the Blender E-Banger is unmatched, featuring 3 angled slitted uptakes and two angled airway holes on both sides for consistent airflow during vaporization. The center of the Blender E-Banger includes a clear pillar that is welded to the bottom of the E-Banger which aids in heat retention. The center pillar coupled with the opaque blade, 2 x Silicon Carbide spheres and marble cap provide functionality like a blender which continuously and consistently heats and shifts your concentrate around. This functionality helps avoid the concentrate from pooling and burning.

Featuring a fully faceted quartz dish with a seamless weld from the dish to the neck of the E-Banger for improved durability. This Blender E-Banger is hand-crafted with Lab Tested Pure GE214 Quartz. Experience optimized flavor preservation and heat retention. The Blender E-Banger is also torch compatible as well.

Size: 14 M | 25 mm